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Q. Are there any ROTAX 915iS Turbo Airframes in the USA ? A. YES

Q. From order placement to fly away what should we expect for a delivery time ?

REMINDER: We at SFUSA and BRM Aero only control parts of the delivery,  and we are always working to shorten the time. That said, here’s the scoop…

  1. YES the 915 fitted plane is here and for sale.
  2. Please see our review in AOPA Pilot Magazine, April 2020.
  3. On a factory order, any custom Bristell usually takes 6 mos. from order. (Shortest in 2019 was 4 mos. longest was 6.5 months.)
  4. We’re off to a blistering start in 2020. Please call John R. for an updated inventory list. The list changes weekly. Your delivery time could take no longer than the time it takes you to complete transition training and to fly your plane home.
  5. *There are some very low time demo only inventory planes and some other planes that are 1-2 yrs. old that have come through our 141 training school, no damage but have seen some training time. Again, please call for specifics.
  6. Shipping update: Please consider these not so obvious shipping factors: It will take 3-4 months to cycle through the factory depending on how complex your custom Bristell is painted, finished, and equipped with avionics.
  7. The build doesn’t actually take too long, it’s the build slot acquisition and coordination that takes some time. The factory is usually running at capacity. Airplanes come two to a container: one is finished then it’s container ” sister” is completed.
  8. Note: Delivery time can “sometimes” be shortened if we move the build slot forward. For planning purposes, however, we can’t always count on the ability to obtain an earlier build slot.
  9. Note: Scheduling movement from the factory to the port and getting a ship “load date” at port can cause unplanned and uncontrollable delays.
  10. The number of shipping companies available has seen consolidation, therefore fewer boats travel to the USA and they are more often full.
  11. Time on the water to the USA usually takes 3-5 weeks.  During the holidays and busy shipping times, unrelated to factory or import planning, unforeseen delays can occur. This is, however, a cool portion of the journey because the customer can track the container like a UPS package and we both watch it’s progress.
  12. Upon arrival at the port, the two aircraft must first dock, then wait for an unload order, followed by a customs inspection and official release (5 to 7 business days).
  13. After release the shipping company schedules a truck (2 days) and sends the containers to our Lancaster, PA facility.
  14. Reassembly and FAA certification with our DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative) is simultaneously  scheduled and follows. This can take up to two weeks, but is often less.
  15. Post FAA certification is followed by a few shake down flights (weather dependent) , a final mechanical, and a technical avionics integration review (2 weeks) for both planes.
  16. The aircraft is then ready for owner training (5 hours over 2 days) and fly away. Weather,  customer ability, and schedules begin to come into play here.
  17. NOTE: We recommend (and it always helps expedite delivery) when the customer arrives with a fresh Biannual Review and is flying proficient. We also recommend coming to Lancaster prior to delivery to receive your full GPA training and LSA transition so your delivery can be that much smoother and can be much expedited. We can fly to your home airport, ask about delivery fee schedule, and train your instructor to complete the required transition.

Q. Bristell comes in at the low empty weight 675 pounds. How is this achieved?
A. Designer Milan Bristela uses high quality 6061 aluminum. Materials of varying thicknesses as well as the extremely durable and lightweight carbon fiber/ Kevlar compounds are utilized. They are placed in specific design points to add structural strength and reduce weight.

Q. Why is the low weight so important for a light sport aircraft?
A. Planes that weigh even 100 pounds more than a Bristell have more difficulty climbing and therefore face potential issues when it comes to rising above a layer of haze or turbulence. The Bristell is capable of flying at 14,000 feet while heavier LSAs have trouble even rising above 9,000 feet. Other similar manufacturers have reported, that frequently landing aircraft over gross weight has been known to cause gear legs to de-laminate and weaken the gear.

Q. What power plant do we normally use?
A. We use Rotax aircraft engines. Primarily 100 horsepower 912, 914 UL Turbo, and the 912IS Sport which is fuel injected. These are the same engines used extensively for the United States military drone fleet. They carry a 2000 hour TBO. Each will use either 100LL avgas or 93 octane auto fuel .

Q. What are some notable differences between a Bristell and other low wing designs regarding comfort and practicality?
A. Support – No other low wing LSA has our depth of support. Lou Mancuso’s father started in 1946 with a passion for aviation, safety, and training. His passion carries over into Lou Jr.’s stewardship for the Bristell: “Making our customers ecstatically happy!”.

Design – the heavy duty wing base extends 18″ from the fuselage, meaning the pilots do not have to step on the actual wing to get in the plane. This prevents the wing from foot traffic which otherwise would subject the wing to damage.

Function – A steerable nose wheel makes taxiing easy, and safer for landings. The Bristell uses AN/MS hardware as a design component so that your regular A&P can easily find hardware for your plane.

Fit -The Bristell has rudder pedals that can adjust 6″ forward and back allowing for pilots 5′ 2″ to 6′ 8″, and with its 51″ wide cabin, there’s a lot of elbow room and an overall comfortable ride.

Q. Why is the wing dihedral so important for light sport aircraft?
A. The Bristell has a considerable dihedral, which is important for in-flight stability and helps the Bristell achieve a high demonstrated crosswind component of 15 knots. The Bristell’s curved fuselage and balance weighted elevator tips aid in providing stable flight in turbulent air.

Q. How much storage does the Bristell offer?
A. A Bristell offers an outstanding 128 pound cargo load capability. 2x 44 pound wing lockers and 33 pounds of cockpit accessible luggage space. The waterproof wing lockers, and waterproof custom luggage bags can be packed at home and offer convenient storage.


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