Bristellaircraft.com is proud to serve as the importer/distributor for the BRISTELL in North and Central America and the Caribbean. Expect Lou Mancuso (KISP NY), Capt. John Rathmell (KLNS, PA), and Rich Maisano (KLNS, PA), John Calla (KPGD, FL) and the Sport Flying USA team to bring you the best possible import, new aircraft delivery, and service experience available. We know what you expect as an owner and will strive to make you as Lou says, “An ecstatically happy customer!”

The Mancuso family with Lou at the helm has built a thriving training (FBO and Dowling College), charter, and jet management business on Long Island, NY from 1940’s to the present. Lou is known as “The Landing Doctor” as he has spent his life trying to improve the process of teaching new pilots how to land safely.

Safety, form, and comfort are the cornerstones of this BRM Aero next generation S-LSA design triumph. Lou invested heavily in the import of the BRM Aero Bristell (and a generous standing parts supply) because of the strength that the model represents to improve GA, LSA safety and its legacy building potential. Bristell aircraft represent an entirely new level of outstanding performance and unsurpassed comfort. Safe canopy closure, comfort, and ease of handling impresses first time flyers, and experienced pros alike. For a low wing aircraft you’ll be surprised by the unobstructed view and luxuriously appointed, widest-in-class (51″) cockpit. The BRISTELL makes flying comfortable by adding more space so even the tall among us are easily accommodated. A 6’5″ aviator can relax with the adjustable rudder pedals, ample head and elbow room.

We have a well designed safety proficiency program to help you transition to Bristell. Lou and the team have worked to develop a specific flight safety protocol that enhances GPA (ground proximity awareness), PLC (personal limits checklist), and DF GAP (DeFined Go Around Point). We’ll help you fine tune your skills, increase proficiency, and improve decision making discipline. Find out what it means to “earn your challenge coin” (and a call sign!).

BRISTELL’s exceptional endurance of up to 7 hours means you can explore further in more comfort than ever before. The new Rotax 912iS Sport (100 hp) has even more impressive performance numbers, check it out at flyrotax.com.

BRISTELL’s lighter, more sturdy design means more luggage. Each wing contains a 44 pound baggage capacity watertight wing locker (88 pounds total) and 33 pounds of in flight accessible baggage space behind the seats in the cockpit. Remember 48-50 pounds is the largest bag that conventional travelers may check at an airline counter without having to pay extra!

We use tires and tubes that are “off the shelf” and “aviation standard”. The fact that the cowling can be easily removed in less than 2 minutes will thrill owners and maintenance personnel alike.

Maintenance acceptance by the existing A&P workforce (Lockwood in FL) (US Sport in TX) (North Iowa Air Service, IA) (Mid Island Air Service, NY), Liberty Sport Aviation in Lancaster, PA are all important keys to the success of any aircraft that is be maintained in the USA (and any Rotax certified maintenance organization). Recognized AN/MS hardware is a design component of the Bristell. Using Air Trac and Aero Classic tires and tubes ensures availability of parts and service at (almost) any aviation service outlet here in the USA. US manufactured MATCO standard wheels and brakes assure parts and services are available overnight. A reliable Beringer weight saving wheel and handbrake option is offered versus toe brakes, if you like. Beringer brakes have a respectable distribution network in the USA. The Bristell is tough, safe, beautiful and is made for you to use. Come fly one today! Ask us about our Bristell share program.

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