Paint Schemes and Pricing

(Custom Color Changes available for an additional $2000 )

 While specifying your aircraft:  Please note the numbering for some designs have changed!

Pricing: Mirco Picorari Designs: $9500


Design #1 – Mirco Picorari – Racing Yellow/ Charcoal and Silver Stripe
Design #2 – Mirco Picorari – Racing Blue/ Charcoal and Silver Stripe
Design #3 – Pearl Night Blue /Blue and White Stripe (Ral 5026)
Design #4 – Tequila: Red on Silver with Small Black Stripe
Design #5 – Mirco Picorari – Racing Red/ Charcoal and Silver Stripe
Design #7– Speed Racer: Grey Yellow on White

Deluxe Graphics and Schemes Below are $7500 (2 color)


Design #6 – Speed Skate: Blue on White
Design #7 – Pearl Mirco: Racing Red on White with Black Stripe
Design #9– Kite:  Orange on White

Design #10 – Koke: Red on White
Design #11 – Flow: Red on White
Design #12 – Flow: Blue on Silver
Design #13 – Serious: Blue and Silver with Black Stripe
Design #14 – Serious: Red and Pearl with Black Stripe
Design #15 – Silver Bee M Vee on White

Solid Color or Vinyl Graphics Start at $3500 (1 color)


Design # 16 – Solid: Pearl Red
Design #17 – Solid: Ballistic Grey
Design #18 Solid: Sunkiss Orange
Design Graphic Example
Design Graphic Example
Design Graphic Example

White Paint:  Standard – No Charge


Solid: Snow White