BRM Aero has built a state of the art production facility in the Czech Republic which has doubled production year on year since 2015. The 300th aircraft was rolled out in 2017. A factory expansion was completed in the same year, and in 2018 we proudly produced SN 400. As or Eec. 2018 we completed the 50th registration in the USA.

BRM Aero is the brainchild of Milan Bristella. Milan is the designer, factory owner,  and creator of the Bristell Light Sport Aircraft. He has revolutionized the Light Sport Aircraft industry with his unique designs and enhanced specifications.  Light Sport has had the category lifted by this aircraft design.

His industry credentials are impeccable with a strong reputation for design excellence (Evektor, Sport Cruiser/Piper Sport).  A “ground up” 3D Auto Cad design, BRM-Aero NG5, was born making it a new lighter, faster, and stronger plane.  This new advancement  was coined the Bristell. Milan has subsequently created a fleet of Light Sport Aircraft to suit the needs and meet all the expectations for a wide range of pilots. The family of models are the Classic Tricycle S-LSA, E-LSA (IFR capable), and E-AB kit, the TDO (Tail Dragger Option), and the *RG (Not currently available in the USA).

Turbo options are available.

*(Retractable, not an LSA in the USA sold as E-AB in Europe).

This plane is unmatched in fit and finish. Bristells are exciting, fun, and affordable planes to own and fly. Beautifully crafted and designed to accommodate two full size adults, with a generous cockpit accessible luggage space allowing up to 33 lbs and a 7 lb. hat shelf. A whopping 40 pounds, just aft the pilot for easy access in flight to your gear.

There is an additional storage locker in each wing that can hold 44 lbs each. Each airplane has its own custom luggage bags to be packed at home and slid into the locker right before the trip. Expect to cruise at 120 knots at sea level; and because of the low empty weight of just (normally equipped) 675lbs- 725 lbs, you’ll see a great climb rate to 14,000 feet.

The thought and care that has gone into the design of each model is clear to all those who are fortunate enough to have flown in a Bristell or, indeed, own one.   For example, the unique single motion latching canopy design requires no additional latches or locks, just shut the lid and it’s closed.

The wing design is special to the Bristell; the wingspan extends 18” out from the fuselage, this means that the pilot need not step on the wing itself to get in and out of the plane, thereby reducing risk of damaged wings.

The planes can be equipped with high tech avionics – a Dual Garmin: 10.6” G3X , Autopilot, ADS-B Traffic & Weather. This panel can go all the way to full WAAS IFR capability.

For factory info and specifications for  all the Bristell models and interiors please visit the factory site:[link url=”http://www.brmaero.com”]Brmaero.com[/link]

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