BRISTELL’s exceptional endurance of up to 7 hours means you can explore further in more comfort than ever before. The Rotax 912iS Sport (100 hp) has even more impressive performance numbers, check it out at

BRISTELL’s lighter, more sturdy design means more luggage. Each wing contains a 44 pound baggage capacity watertight wing locker (88 pounds total) and 33 pounds of in flight accessible baggage space behind the seats in the cockpit. Remember 48-50 pounds is the largest bag that conventional travelers may check at an airline counter without having to pay extra!

We use tires and tubes that are “off the shelf” and “aviation standard”. The fact that the cowling can be easily removed in less than 2 minutes will thrill owners and maintenance personnel alike.

We are proud to offer Beringer wheels and brakes that provide increased stopping distance and adds ABS braking to the growing list of attributes that makes the Bristell stand out from other aircraft in the category.


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