Rotax 915 Turbo

Question: Is it too fast?

It complies with the regs 120 knots CAS @ Sea level and is placarded for no greater than  120 kts (at sea level).  Note: *Above sea level, with 135/141hp, turbo performance, DUC 4 blade enhanced, it could cruise at 144kts. For kicks we saw a 250 kt ground speed at 17,500ft with an 105 knot tailwind this winter during testing. 

Question: Is it too heavy?

Yes, it can weigh in at 100 pounds higher than a 912 powered Bristell. Especially after you add a full IFR compliment of radios, autopilot, and a BRS recovery system. You can be between 850-nad 885 pounds empty. 1320 less 188 in full fuel leaves you 1073 less the weight of the plane 885 worst case you have 247 lbs remaining usefull load, thats not alot to work with. Good news is that the injected engine uses 4.5 gal per hr so at half tanks you have about 3.5 hrs (if you want a 341 lbs useful load). The plane takes off with full fuel and a full load in under 400 feet. Perforamnce isn’t really a limiting factor, its the LSA FAA 1320 limit imposed on the category. We show your expected weight on your specification sheet long before it’s built.

Queston: Is it too expensive?

A Bristell base model starts out around $168000. A Cirrus usually specs in at $500,000- to $1M. Spend some time going through the options list. The avionics usually help bump the price. You can expect to be between $245K and $290K with the 915. YES the extra cost is not for everyone. But, then again neither is a new Cirrus or new plane of any kind, for some.