Why buy?

  • Push-rod controls are encased in a protective canvas to prevent any accidental jamming of flight controls by small objects.  This is essential for safety reasons.

  • The Bristell main spar extends beyond the wing-step area for added strength.  Wings attach outboard of the step area with large bolts.
  • The Bristell has comfortable bucket seats with four-point harness.  The area behind the seats is enclosed allowing cushions to be placed behind the seat so short pilots can enjoy the bucket-seat contour against their backs and have great visibility over the nose.  The enclosed area behind the seats prevents objects from falling into the belly of the aircraft and potentially jamming the trim cables.  This is an important safety feature.
  • Dual LED low draw landing lights in each wing enables the Bristell to be easily seen by other aircraft…a great safety feature.
  • The Bristell S-LSA holds 32 gallons of fuel which provides an endurance of over six hours at maximum cruise power settings.  The low empty weight of only 750 pounds allows the pilot to carry full fuel even with two adults and two airline-style carry-on bags stored in the storage area located behind the pilot’s seat.  Heavy items are stored in the wing lockers, which can hold 42 pounds in each wing locker.
  • The rudder peddles move forward and back six inches to accommodate pilots who are 5’4″ tall and pilots who are 6’8″ tall.  The rudder peddles are made of carbon fiber in order to save weight.  This is just another example of the innovative ways Milan Bristela found to achieve the low empty weight of 750 pounds.  The Bristell has nose-wheel steering and is easy to taxi even for novice pilots.
  • The Bristell has a three-bladed Fiti ground-adjustable propeller that has 14 inches of ground clearance versus only 6 inches for other single propeller LSAs.
  • The Bristell S-LSA has a 121 SF wing area that enables the plane to climb rapidly to 14,000 feet.  This wing design and low empty weight of 750 pounds result in a full-flap stall speed of 32 knots and results in a demonstrated cross-wind component of approximately 13 knots.  The clean stall speed is 39 knots.
  • The separate on-off switches for the electric starting packs result in the need for only one key which opens the canopy.  This feature affords the convenience to pilots of having to carry only one key.
  • The dual Garmin G3X Touch screens are 10.6″ and are astonishingly clear due to the 1280×768 screen resolution.  They are easy to see even in bright and direct sunlight.  The dual G3X Touch combo comes with the following components at no additional charge:  A Garmin GMU22 magnetometer, GSU25 ADAHRS, GTP59 temperature probe, and a GEA24 Rotax engine sensor kit.  To save panel space for an oversized Apple iPad in the center panel, we will equip all of our Bristell S-LSAs with remote mounted GTR20 Com radios, GTX23ES extended squitter ADS-B mode S capable transponder, and GLD39R weather and traffic receiver.  This combination will allow ADS-B in and out traffic and weather to be displayed on the 10.6 inch G3X touch.  The Garmin GMA20 audio panel and the GNC305 auto pilot control console complete this amazing panel.  The GNC305 auto pilot has two servos, one that controls pitch and a second one to control altitude.  In the unlikely event of a G3X Touch screen failure, the GNC305 auto pilot will continue to work with information it receives magnetometer.  If you would like to practice ILS approaches, you can add a Garmin GTR225 NavCom for an additional $4495.00 plus the cost of a navigation antenna and installation.  The GTR225 will provide ILS information and allow the pilot to talk to FSS on 122.1 and listen on the nearest VOR.

 I hope you found this information about the amazing Bristell S-LSA helpful.

 If you decide to purchase a Bristell S-LSA, you will  have made a fine decision.

        Happy Flying…Lou Mancuso   lou!@bristell.us   516-658-1847                                      June, 2014

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